We are informing all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) in the Republic of Poland that the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Warsaw is not issuing new biometric passports. In order to get a new BIH passport, it is necessary to arrange in advance a meeting in the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Berlin. Passport Applications will be accepted Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00. Please contact the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Berlin: + ( 49 30 ) 814 712 32  or  + ( 49 30 ) 814 712 31.

A request for a passport must be submitted in person. The following documents are needed:

  • An original passport of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  • Proof of residence in the Republic of Poland,
  • Consular fee payment receipt.

The citizens of BIH who do not have a valid identity card issued in BIH after the year 2003, need to document their JMB (Personal Identification Number) in the electronic database in Bosnia and Herzegovina before the process of issuing a BIH passport. The process of documenting the JMB is done by filling out a JMB-7 form and by presenting the following original documents:

  • A birth certificate (cannot be older than 6 months),
  • A certificate of citizenship (cannot be older than 6 months).

For issuing passports to minors it is necessary that both parents have their JMB registered in the BIH electronic database of documents. It is necessary that both parents be present for the appointment. If one of the parents is not present at the appointment for taking biometric data, it is necessary that the order parent be present with the original passport of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The parent coming with the child will need to bring a written consent of the other parent (the absent parent) notarized by a public notary as well as a copy of their passport. In a case one parent is dead or registered as missing a Decision from legal authority in Bosnia and Herzegovina about guardianship is requested.

For the acquisition of biometric data a minor must be present.

Consular fees for passports:

Persons over the age of  7: 124 euro

Duplicate passport for the persons over the age of 7: 216 euro

Minors up to the age of 7: 78 euro

Duplicate passport for minors up to the age 7: 121 euro

A passport must be collected by applicant in person.


The Embassy would like to draw the attention of BiH’s citizens that having a personal identification number (JMB) in a passport or a JMB certificate does not mean that the JMB is registered in the Central Records. Only the appropriate certificate of the competent authority and valid ID card can verify that the JMB is registered.

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