Travelling Certificates (Laisser-passer)

A travel certificate is issued to the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who are abroad without a passport, only in a case of an emergency. It is used only for traveling one way to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The travel certificate expires after 30 days.

Listed below are documents required for a travel certificate:

  1. A completed application form for the issuance of a travel certificate;
  2. Certificate of citizenship (cannot be older than six months);
  3. A proof of identity (passport copy/ID/driving license);
  4. Two passport size photos;
  5. A police report from the local police authority in the case of a lost or stolen passport;
  6. Consular fee payment receipt.

Note: In cases of an illness or a death of a family member or a close family member in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is necessary to provide us with a letter or a doctor’s note with a seal of the medical institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.



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