Bosnia and Herzegovina, although a relatively small country, has a rich culture which has influenced other Balkan countries and sometimes the whole world as well. Its culture was expressed in different fields of human activities including music, literature, movies, fine and applied arts, design and modern medias. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country in its region, along with Hungary, with more than one Nobel Prize winner: Vladimir Prelog for Chemistry and Ivo Andric for Literature.

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was the host of the 14th Winter Olympic Games, which were not only a world sport event for young people from all over the world, but also an event aimed at promoting culture, peace and friendship.

If we were to look for an authentic symbol of this country, that would probably be stećak – an artifact of original Bosnian cult art. Stećci (plural of stećak) were first of all tombstones. These massive stones, their relief drawings and their lapidary writings contain symbols of the lost life.  Stećci stand as markings of time and as testaments of ancient people who felt the need to share very important things with future. One can find stećci throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina , and in Radimlja near town of Stolac they form a unique necropolis of this kind in the world.

In the National Museum in Sarajevo, as maybe its most valuable exhibit, we find Hagada, one of the most beautiful books of its kind in the world. This is a Hebrew manuscript containing an illuminated codex on thinned leather, originating in the late 14th or early 15th century in Spain.

Cultural heritage

The Orthodox Cathedral in Sarajevo, one of the biggest Orthodox temples in the region of Balkan.

The Careva Dzamija (Emperor’s Mosque), one of the first mosques built in B-H and the first one in Sarajevo.

The Catholic Cathedral in Sarajevo, a cathedral project made by Josip Vancas combining the elements of Romanic and Gothic architecture and creating a synthesis that distinguishes this building from others of that kind.

The Old Bridge in Mostar, a historical centre of the town of Mostar with the Old Bridge has been registered on the UNESCO`s World Heritage List.

The Mehmed-Pasha Sokolovic Bridge in Visegrad, registered in the World Monuments Watch of the 100 Most Endangered Sites.

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